Never Test Room Pressure, Temperature, or Humidity Again

Automatic Wireless Monitoring with Guaranteed Compliance. No IT Needed, No Upfront Cost, No Wasted Time.

Trusted by 100+ Health Systems Nationwide

NYU Langone Health
Trinity Health
Northwell Health
Baystate Health
Care New England

Sabina made 600 hours for her facilities team

Sabina Certa

Atlantic Health
Morristown, New Jersey

Northwell doesn't worry about TJC inspections

Customer: Nick

Nick Hristis

Northwell Health
Manhasset, New York

Cushman Wakefield cut testing costs by 60%

Customer: George

George Ferro

Cushman & Wakefield
Providence, Rhode Island

No Wifi. No Ethernet. No IT Team.

Super Simple Setup.

"Extremely easy to set up - It was like magic!"

Sabina, Atlantic Health

Start monitoring room temp, pressure and humidity in 5 minutes.


No Wi-fi


No Ethernet


No Power

Never check pressure again

Hexmodal’s wireless system automatically monitors every type of room 24/7/365. You never need to raise a finger.


Stop worrying about CMS deficiencies

Hexmodal’s self-monitoring platform sends you alerts the moment a light fails. You don’t even need to log in.

Stop worrying about airborne contamination

Hexmodal’s self-monitoring platform alerts you the moment a room loses pressure. Monitor the room environment online from anywhere.


Receive a sample notification to your email.

Eliminate manual record-keeping

Get digital compliance reports as often as you’d like. You don’t have to waste time on paperwork or worry about lost records.


Get new room monitors for free and break even instantly

Hexmodal’s Smart, Wireless, 24/7 Room Monitor is included for FREE with every testing agreement.

Smart Exit Sign

Smart Room Monitor

Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of rooms does this work with?

Our Smart Room Monitors work with any kind of positively or negatively pressurized room from isolation rooms & pharmacy to decontamination rooms & linen closets.

Do Hexmodal’s Pressure sensors need to be calibrated?

  • Every sensor is individually pre-calibrated at the factory & would not require recalibration during the entire lifetime of the device.

  • Our sensors combine microthermal flow sensing with built-in digital signal processing, resulting in excellent long-term stability with no zero-point drift. This means they would not need to be recalibrated during the entire lifetime of the device.

Are there batteries? How often do they need to be replaced?

  • The room monitor can be powered by 24v DC power, a standard 120-240v AC outlet, or by a C-cell battery.

  • The provided battery has an expected lifetime of 2.5 years & we will provide free replacement batteries as long as you are using our monitoring service.

How does it connect?

Our lights use a mixture of a Cellular connection and Low-Frequency Radio to communicate. This means they don’t connect to your internet at all, but still work in places with poor cell signals like basements and MRI rooms.

Can it cause interference?

Our devices are FCC Certified to not cause any interference. Unwanted interference has never been a problem in the 100+ buildings we operate in.

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